Top 10 places to visit and enjoy in Ireland

Ireland is really the most beautiful country and there you can find many tourist attractions which you have to visit. Ireland is absolutely a haven for all the tourists who would like to enjoy the real natural beauty of the villages, countryside areas and also the coastal cliffs.

Top 10 places to visit in Ireland:

  • Ring of Kerry – It is one of the most beautiful and scenic tourist spot which trails & also spread over 120 miles. This ring of Kerry usually offers the spectacular views of the lakes, meadows and also the rugged mountains.

  • The Giant’s Causeway – This spot is absolutely the most beautiful wonder existing on the earth. It is made by the volcanic landscape spreading over the largest stepping stones for making the most beautiful pathway.

  • Cliffs of Moher – It is rising up to 214 meters in Western Ireland above the Atlantic Ocean. A lot of tourists are frequently willing to visit the cliffs of moher in order to enjoy its incredible views and also the 12 pin mountain range.

  • Glendalough – This spot is the valley of the 2 lakes and it is one of the famous monastic sites and providing you the